Registered Exeter voters participate in the following local, state and federal elections:

Local Elections (all 2 year terms):

1. Town Council (top 5 vote getters elected);

2. Treasurer;

3. Town Clerk;

4. Exeter-West Greenwich School Committee;

5. Town Moderator;

6. Town Sergeant;

Statewide Elections (all 4 year terms):

1. Governor;

2. Lieutenant Governor;

3. Secretary of State;

4. Treasurer;

5. House of Representatives (District 39);

6. Senate (District 34) Districts 34 and 39 encompass Exeter, Charlestown, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich

Federal Elections (all 4 year terms):

1. President;

2. Congress (District---);

3. Senate (District -----);



Election Resources

The EDTC echos the beliefs of the Rhode Island Democratic Party that all citizens should exercise their constitutional right to vote. We believe and work hard to ensure that the voting process is accessible, fair, equitable, and accountable. 

Click (here)(http://www.elections.state.ri.us) --the State of Rhode Island Board of Elections-- to learn more about the upcoming election process and to register to vote

Click (here) (http://www.elections.state.ri.us/elections/elected/)--to see the Board of Elections bios of all current elected officials for the State of Rhode Island

Click (here) (http://www.town.exeter.ri.us) to see the Town of Exeter’s website for more information on local elected officials


The 2018 Elections

The EDTC was pleased to have Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea at it’s April meeting. Secretary Gorbea spoke to those in attendance about her accomplishments since she has been in office and also announced that she was running for reelection. The EDTC voted and then endorsed Secretary Gorbea for her reelection in 2018.