About the Exeter Democratic Town Committee


The EDTC was formed by concerned Exeter democrats who wanted to have a direct say on the important events happening in Exeter and were interested in making decisions that were more in line with national democratic beliefs. The EDTC is committed to maintaining reliability, accountability and responsibility in your town government. We are always committed to fiscal responsibility but especially now when your tax dollars have never been more at a premium. 

The EDTC supports and encourages programs and vision that maintain the rural character of Exeter. We support growth and economic development but only in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and growth that ensures that taxes stay at reasonable levels and protect future generations of farms and forests.

We support the Exeter-West Greenwich School District and trust them to make decisions that are in the best interests of our students while continuing to maintain fiscal responsibility. We also support our Department of Public Works—and are proud of their year round hard work!

We believe in honest government, responsible leadership, ethical conduct, dedicated service, prudent management and public accountability. The EDTC also serves to manage the affairs of the Democratic Party in the town of Exeter, RI subject to Rhode Island Election Law, State Party rules and our by-laws. 

We are proud of the many accomplishments of Democrats in recent years including the following:

· Promoted efficient, accurate and timely property assessments;

· Encouraged routine tax collection procedures that have provided for collection rates far exceeding those of other municipalities;

· Directed Exeter’s Public Works Department to ca the former landfill “in house”, thus avoiding intervention by the federal government and saving Exeter tax payers millions of dollars;

· Enhanced the accessibility of public records and current technology;

· Supported an effective capital infrastructure improvements program;

· Proposed minimal budget increases with levies far lower than those followed by state law;

· Maintained a fiscally appropriate surplus in accordance with auditors’ recommendations;

· Maintained competent and efficient Town boards and commissions free from political interference;

· Encouraged effective emergency management initiatives that have enhanced public health and safety

Our View of Exeter’s Future

Exeter is one of Rhode Island’s best, kept secrets. Offering a quality and character of life almost unparalleled from any other town or city--and within a short drive even Rhode Islanders can live with-- from beautiful beaches and world-class restaurants in the City by the Sea. But we are growing.  And growing means more demand on town services and our schools. More demand means increased costs, thus we need to be mindful of what may lie ahead. 

Fiscal responsibility has always been a priority for the EDTC, but in keeping with our democratic principles, we are mindful of our obligations to provide the best services we can for our town residents, and more importantly a great education for our kids, who after all are our future. 

The EDTC has always demanded that our Town leaders, regardless of party affiliation or whether they are independent, be reliable, responsible, accountable and most of all transparent in carrying out their duties under Exeter’s Charter. 

The EDTC encourages new residents, interested in helping our Town government, to solicit and seek the endorsement of the EDTC in the hope of being elected to help secur